Mini Jimmys Motion Graphic

At Jimmy John’s, I used illustrated animation to promote their new Catering option Mini Jimmys on Social Media. I worked with another designer, CJ Zilligen, to create the icons and scenes. This video was edited in Adobe After Effects and sound/final touches in Adobe Premiere.



Snapchat Filters


I was tasked to create two snapchat filters to celebrate Jimmy John's first ever National Dollar Sub Day. (That is me on the right)


Rock it JJ's Style 

This is a page I designed for the Jimmy John's website to show what uniform items were store approved for employees to wear. I created this webpage in Adobe Muse.

Jimmy John's

As Social Media Designer/Illustrator at Jimmy John's I was responsible for maintaining the Jimmy John’s brand visually across all social media platforms. I was also responsible for creating custom graphics, illustrations, edited video, GIFS, product designs and animations. Here are a few of the projects I worked on while there!